Wart removal for kids

Laser Podiatry treatment for warts is innovative, affordable, and most importantly effective.

Genesis Plus Laser treatment

  • Suitable for children over the age of 7
  • Takes an average of 1-3 treatment sessions
  • Time and cost effective
  • No down time after treatment
  • No pain or side effects after treatment
Simple treatment session
1-2 small/medium sized warts
Complex treatment session
Multiple warts
Before treatment
After treatment

Customer testimonial

My name is G. I am a 7 year old girl and I had a wart on my finger. My mummy used to put “duck tape” on it and put my finger in apple cider vinegar…. I smelt like fish and chips! I had laser on my wart and my wart dropped off

- 7 year old girl
Some of the common questions for this treatment
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  • How does this treatment work?
  • Unlike less powerful Podiatry lasers which simply burn the surface of the wart, the Genesis Plus laser delivers a high level of energy in one pulse. This shuts down the blood supply of the wart. Without a blood supply the wart simply dies.
  • Why laser treatment?
  • Treatments such as liquid nitrogen or salicylic acid are annoying and require many applications. They can also be time-consuming, expensive, painful long after the treatment has ceased and still have a low success rate. Surgical excision requires long recovery periods and can leave scars. Laser treatment has no side effects and is not painful after treatment.
  • Does it hurt?
  • Laser treatment feels similar to freezing with liquid nitrogen. Local anaesthetic can be used if needed to numb the area. However unlike freezing there is no lingering pain after treatment.
  • How can I prevent my children from getting warts?
  • - Wearing sandals up to the edge of the pool
    - Use bleach to clean the shower or bath if shared by a family member with warts
    - Ask the family member with a wart to cover it with a band aid when in the shower or bath
    - As much as possible don’t go barefoot, or least wear socks
  • My child might be scared of the laser treatment, is there an alternative?
  • Recognizing that some children might be overwhelmed by the idea of laser, we have researched and developed equally successful methods of treatment which are not painful. These are not acids which can harm the skin and is not tiresome for the parents!

Genesis Plus Laser treatment before & after