Corns and callus

Painless removal with no anaesthetic

Corn and callus removal

  • 30-40 minute consultation
  • Simple and quick
  • Painless
  • Pressure reduction techniques can be applied with padding, silicone devices and orthotics.
Initial consultation & removal
$78 for repeat consultation. $68 for brief 10-15 minute consultation.
Some of the common questions for this treatment
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  • How does this treatment work?
  • During these consultations Advanced Podiatry will perform a thorough examination and provide you with a complete foot care service as required. This may include nail care as well as corn and callus removal. We will also try to remove and advise on the cause of the corn such as poor fitting shoes that may cause rubbing. We can redistribute the load and stop the rubbing on the corn by using specifically designed or modified foot orthotics, or moulded silicone devices.
  • Does it hurt?
  • An Advanced Podiatrist can remove the corn or callus painlessly. No local anaesthetic is required.
  • Will the corn or callus return?
  • An Advanced Podiatrist will always try to permanently resolve your problem. If the underlying cause is unable to be removed, such as deformity, rubbing footwear or excessive ground load, then the corn and callus will return. Successful treatment would then include regular visits as required to keep you pain free.